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At iPhixx, we believe the simpliest solutions are the best. This is why we have take taken the guessing out of the game and have created a premium package for only €1,499.

Bike To Work Scheme In Ireland - Samebike L026-II

All for €1499

We can get you on the go quick with no additional costs. What you see above, is what you get Remember you get up to €1500 for an eBike, if your costs go above that cap you just cover the difference.

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The Cycle to Work Scheme (generally known as the Bike to Work Scheme) is a tax incentive scheme to encourage employees to cycle to work. Under the scheme an employer can pay for a new bicycle (including bicycle accessories) and the employee then repays the cost in regular instalments from their gross salary.

Once we can confirm that your employer is a part of the scheme, you are free to choose us as a supplier. The process is simple. Choose your bike and equipment from our website or book a slot to view a bike at our showroom at 17 North Main Street, Wexford Town (Across from Lifestyle Sports). Once you’ve picked your bike and accessories we’ll invoice your company. It can then take 1-2 weeks for an invoice to be paid. Once it has you can pick-up your bike at our showroom or we’ll deliver it.

As long as your employer is a part of the scheme and you are in full time employment, you are essentially good to go! If your employer is not a part of the scheme, it only takes 10 minutes to apply. Contact us if you have questions about this. 

The maximum contribution your employer can make is €1500 towards the cost of the electric bike including accessories. However, if the bike you’re interested in is €1800, you simply pay €300 up front and the company pays the remaining balance.
No documents need to be filled out with the retailer. Your employer will ask you to sign an agreement with them allowing them to deduct the cost of the bike outside of your savings from your salary at source to be spread over 12 months.

You are free to change your E-Bike, every 4 years.

We are based at 17 North Main Street, Wexford Town, Y35 XK58. You can locate us on Google Maps by clicking here

1 year warranty on all items with service available in Ireland.

We are not accepting trade-ins right now. 

Why yes we are! Not only are we Wexford’s Apple Independent Repair Partner, but we are an advocate for recycling goods and being kind to the planet. This is why we decided to extend the world class service we are known for into the Electronic Bike space.

Unfortunately not. This scheme is only suitable for Bikes but, we have humm financing available if you would like to avail of a credit loan to purchase a scooter. We also have our Christmas Club available where we can hold electronics for you up until mid December for a 20% deposit. 

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